I've never had a panic attacks in my life, just suffered anxiety from time to time but controllable. I was given Buspar, took it for about 6 months, it seemed ok, certain things got worse though, I had Xanax, very low dose (.25 milligrams) I was given ten which would last about 3 months, so only for high stress situations. I asked my dr to up my Buspar so I wouldn't need to use Xanax at all. He double the dose. I went from 5 mg 2x a day to 10 mg 2x a day. Each day got worse until about a week after, I had my first panic attack. I went online and saw that a lot a ppl had a bad reaction to Buspar so I stopped taking it. Next 3 days, still had panic attacks daily. I feel out of control please help! How long will this last? How long does it take for your brain to get rid of this medication???