Hi guys, I'm sorry if this gets too long but I'm really worried about my dad. He has been suffering from agoraphobia for 20 years now. He cannot go to the post office, markets, doctor, traffic, and cannot go further than 5 miles from our home. The problem is that he has developed hypertension over the years. He is on self medication of Valsartan and keeps his blood preassure at 130/92 approximately. That is the reason that paniv scares him more than before. He believes that he will get a heart attack because of hypertension when panic attacks. He says that when he was younger and physically healtier he used to go for a walk and go to the doctor when he had panic attacks. Now he can't, he hasn't been to a doctor in years. I really want to help him but he just won't believe when he hears that panic attacks are not dangerous. Please if you have any advice on what to do I would highly appreciate it. It hurts so much to see this wonderful person live his life in fear and almost in prison... thank you in advance