Have bilateral chronic sciatica causing moderate to severe pain, and a total left hip removal that left me with complex regional pain syndrome and additional severe pain. I have tried numerous non narcotic and narcotic pain relievers which inevitably stop working at some point due to ceiling tolerance being reached Currently I'm only taking 4 tablets daily of the Panadeine Forte (120 mg of codeine is the primary ingredient - 30 mg per pill). My GP is trying to switch me to the buprenorphine transdermal patch at 20 mcg per hour because he believes it would work better for a senior (like me) and also have a longer lasting effect. I've been on this patch for several weeks now and I can't tell that it's working at all. I know the Panadeine Forte is no longer working but don't want to wean off of it until this patch trial period is over. Since the trial hasn't been successful (but should be working by now), does anyone know whether the Panadeine Forte might be interfering with the patch working?