I plan to see a gastronologist speacilist. ASAP! I have been on Pamamine for about a month and a half. I have avoided eating salads and take lactid milk. One of my mom's retired nurse friends suggested to stop eating salads- stops diarreha and drink lactid milk. I have since then done much better, also with taking this medicine- Pamamine. I still have a a pain in my rectum-gas goes away after visitng the ladies room. It varies from day to day.

Let me also mention I had a anterior bowel resection "05 and felt nauseasince - milk allergy then and finally with advice from my mom's retired nurse lady friend., suggested to do avoid these two things salads and regular milk. Helped greatly with aide from the Pamaine medication.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced a blood stain on the tissue when you take this medicine which helps relieve the diarreha. There is still gas some what painful which I experience but goes away when use of the ladies room. I do walk as much as I can,and still need more walking. But today, shopping and walking did help to relieve the discomfort. But the gas pain always come back and the blood stains. It is also I have a IBS Illness-Pamine has helped a great deal now, Watch my diet closely. Somewhat normal range.