I am a 24 year old healthy female and have a concern. I have had this painless very small but noticeable red bump on the outside of my upper lip for about a year. It has never been full of puss or anything like that. It is certainly not a pimple (to the best of my knowledge, I mean it's been there over a year) and it has never hurt or burned. I don't have a clue of why it might have appeared. I haven't had any cuts or anything on that location. it's the only bump I have like that on my body. I have been told by other doctors that it should go away with time, but it has been a year! And no one has ever told me exactly what it might be. I'm just wondering what it is ... And why it appeared. It's quite squishy, if I put pressure on my lip the bump will slightly turn white and the quickly turn red again. I've tried to "pop" it with a needle and all that has ever come out is blood.