I have severe pain at the base of my head, right below the hairline or the lower bank of my head where the neck begins. There's a few painful knots in this area on both the right and left sides... They're seemingly hard to the touch, moveable, and tender when I press them. This problem is causing headaches which get bad if my neck pain is increased and vise versa my neck hurts badly if my head is pounding; I have shoulder pain also. I've been treated for migraines but I honestly think there's another issue in place other than migraines. I never have pain relief no matter what I do. I've been dealing with this problem about 3 years and it's getting worse!! I'm worried that it could be something serious but with my research it seems to be trigger points or severe muscle tightness with tension headaches. I admit I sleep in very uncomfortable positions and my pillows in the past haven't been the best for my health. Sometimes I pop my neck and use heat treatment and this seems to make the pain worsen. I need professional medical advice so that I'll have general idea of what to say to a doctor or specialist. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon