Pain - My wife has fibromyalgia, she has been suffering from it for quite some time. She has haD neck surgery that didn't help at all. She is currently awaiting a decision to have back surgery but based off of the results from the neck surgery she doesn't want to go through that again. She is prescribed 240 oxycodone 30mg and directed to take 8 a day, and also 180 dilaudid 8mg 6 a day, every month. She has mentioned the oxy works wonders on her pain and provides her with the best pain relief out of everything she has ever tried. However the dilaudid is completely the opposite. It is very short lived, doesn't last very long at all, doesn't provide near as much pain relief as the oxys and she finds herself wanting, well needing to take more than directed. Since she has strong feelings about going against doctors orders she wont take anymore than 6 a day regardless of how bad the pain is. My question is what can she ask her doctor to substitute for the dilaudid while also keeping the same amount of oxys prescribed each month?