hello my name is gu-gu i am 52 years oldfemale i started going to a doctor in my younger days for bad nerves he startrd me out on anatripaline took them all they done was made me sleep soi told him and he changed them to valums and he had me on paxil done betterthen for depresssonand as i grew older i had a babywhen he started riding a bike i road a bike with him and 1 day i went riding with him i got off my bike to lite me a cigarette he run in to me and i fell my big toe went in the spoke and knocked it out of place my big toe lays over my second toe it hurts really bad so i went to a foot doctor and i thought he fixed it i thoughany way he took my bone out of my second toe and put it in my big toe and put a screw back in my second toe didnt fix it it lays the same way it did before he done anything to it same way still hurts anyway my family doctor put me on lortab10 anyway he finally retired and my meds were gone they gave me 4 names of doctors but none of them would see me what can i say now cant get my meds anymore cant find a doctot to give me my med back why was on them 20 something years. how can they cut me off just like that