About 5 years ago, I had surgery on my right knee to nail a piece of bone back in place that had broken off and was floating around my knee.

After the surgery, i was prescribed Vicodin 500s.
Within the 5 years after the surgery, I have been prescribed Vicodin 500s, then 1000s many times for multiple dental procedures (multiple root canals, wisdom teeth pulled individually... ).
Having been prescribed Vicodin so many times, I have built up a tolerance in which it won't work for me anymore..

Anyway, my knee has been acting up lately--
I've been getting sharp shooting pains nearly everyday, I work in an office and it hurts when I sit for prolonged amounts of time, everyday I also get this dull throbbing pain where it feels like the blood is having a hard time circulating (only way I can describe it), and also, my knee has a tendency to go numb in association with the dull pain.

I was wondering what my doctor would suggest prescribing me, after I tell him of my tolerance to Vicodin.

Thank Youu :)