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Pain - what drugs used to cure headache?

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Lahayle 25 Aug 2011

Hi praveendrug,
First of all... what type of headache is it? I have Complicated Migraines which mimic T.I.A.s (mini strokes).. Are you blinded by light? Does noise bother you?
Since there are many types of headaches it is best to find out the type of headache you are having... then find out what is the best medication for your headache. I use Maxalt. It helps with Migraines. Let me know when you find out what type of headache you have. Lahayle

raven6154 25 Aug 2011

hello praveendrug - to my knowledge there is no one drug that actually cures headaches. there are many newer drugs used to treat migranes - but migranes are not just headaches. migranes can cause nausea, sensitivity to light, being hypersensitive to sound and many other problems other than what most people call a headache. Tylenol or Excedrin can help eradicate a headache. i hope this helps you. if not please explain your symptoms in more detail. i don't mean to downplay your question or pain. thank you.

Delila 26 Aug 2011

There are many otc meds that i can suggest, but first can i ask how long lasting and how frequent these headaches are? Do you think there is an underlying reason for your headaches that should be investigated? If you are in any doubt please contact your dr. In the meantime simple paracetamol taken with ibuprofen are a good combination, or paracetamol and codeine combination tablet. There is also a relatively new treatment called 'forehead'. It is a stick that you roll over your forehead and it helps to relieve the pain. free discount card

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