... I have been taking Watson 853 from Watson Labs (10/325) for quite some time now..at least several months... and feel it is very effective fighting my chronic pain. I know when it is working because I can feel a slight euphoria, and the aches are gone.
When dealing with recurring pain, I count on receiving the same results every time I take the medicine.
For my most recent refill (10 days ago) the Costco pharmacy substituted IP 110 from Interpharm Inc. My cost was half what the Watson Labs pills were, and Costco said they switched makers solely for cost savings.
My concern is that I don't feel the same slight euphoria, and aches and pains don't seem to vanish as completely with the IP 110 pill as they did with the Watson product.
On paper, they should produce the same results since the medication is exactly the same (10/325)... and the only apparent differences are the manufacturers, the pill color (white vs yellow), and the identifying marks on the pills.
I've been taking the same dosage (10/325) Hydrocodone long enough to know what it does, how long it takes to do it, and what it feels like when it's working.
I just don't feel the IP 110 pill produces the same level of pain relief as the Watson 853, nor does it seem to provide the slight euphoria the Watson 853 does.
Is there any rational, physical, emotional, or psychological basis for what I'm experiencing?
Is there any documentation available suggesting that others have reported similar experiences?
I need the IP 110 pills to provide the results I expect, I like the cost savings, and I don't have any bias against Interpharm.
I have extensive experience with the Watson product, but I have very limited experience with the Interpharm product.
Any suggestions, recommendations, insightful comments, or similar experiences will be appreciated