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When my pain was very bad I took two tramadol fabulous relief but felt a bit high worrying?

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Uncltodd 27 Oct 2016

Probably from the rapid relief from the constant pain! I find after 4 years of chronic, persistent pain that Tram is best at preventing, pain, as in "knowing" that the pain is coming and medicating ahead of time. Two 50 Mg Tramadol is twice my doctor's prescribed dosage, but acceptable to him in the event of an injury or other event. Note that I also have 1/2 Grain Codeine (Tylenol #3) prescribed for such "events" that act much faster than Tramadol. You may need a higher-dosage and/or time-release Tram for your situation. Luck! :-)

Wendyintucson 28 Oct 2016

Would you rather be a little light headed? or would you rather be in pain?
I personally rather not feel the excruiating pain that I go through, I take 100 mg. Tramadol 3x daily & 1200 mg gabapentin for pain, I was also very light headed at first after a couple months you'll notice that you're it feeling less & less hope it helps free discount card

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