I should be here in paradise having a great time as I waited through six months of a crappy winter/spring, I was so excited to get out that I didn't really look at my prescription bottles until Wednesday when I thought to myself 'that's AWFULLY low... you're not going to make it through the weekend on that'.
So I phoned my doctor back in Toronto who listened and understood & said they'd FedEx my refills here to Phoenix. Thank GOD. However, I didn't get a confirmation that they'd been sent, I have no idea how long that's going to take, and don't really know what to do in the meantime. It's more the thought that I can't, like at home, just walk over to the clinic pharmacy and get my prescriptions refilled. I have to wait, not knowing if they've even been sent, and then what happens next.
This just sucks. I have all this warmth and walks and fun waiting and all I feel like doing is pulling the blinds and going to bed. I'd even just pack up and go home but now I don't know if my meds are en route, so now I have to stay here!
I should've banked my pills like I did my money before coming out here. I just didn't think, and when I was offered two extra weeks stay, of course I said a million times yes. Since Wednesday I've tapered my pain pills and anti-anxiety (because I have to) and so running out won't be a total shock. If I only take one pill per day I will officially be out of everything by Tuesday, and while I don't like that thought, I'm kind of trying to deal with it. All I can do until then is wait, I'm in the US, I'm visiting, I have no insurance here and what else can I do? I take hydrocodone for a very nasty and painful Achilles' tendon tear, I was a marathon runner; I also take clonazepam for anxiety. I always follow the recommend dose, I've never gone over, it's just that I've always been so careful with my medications. I can already feel my Achilles' tendon pain flaring up.