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Can pain in the upper to middle cervical spine cause really bad headaches??

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Inactive 21 Nov 2012

Yes, it could be, contact your dr to see if there is a worsening of your cervical issue causing the pain. It could also be other things but if you have problems with the cervical area, get your dr to check you further. Patti

Inactive 21 Nov 2012

Yes, the cervical spine carries the nerves into your head.Damage to your cervical spine also can cause inflammation and muscle spasms in the neck and shoulders, which can cause tightening of the muscles of the neck and shoulder and nerves around the head. This can cause a headache from the back of the head all the way to the forehead. It can also be called muscle tension headaches. It is best treated with muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories. Also, you could have migraines from the damage, which is another ball of wax.

bnagoh 21 Nov 2012

Yes without a doubt the herniation's and bulging discs that I have cause the headaches that I have. I never had migraines but since my car accident I have had the worst headaches just miserable. I really hope you do not have them like this I would not anyone to have such pain.

Inactive 21 Nov 2012

I agree with all the above answers. I have these headaches & can tell they are from damage & arthritis in my neck...

sara12345 24 Nov 2012

Yes, if you've got even tightness in your neck or shoulders, that can greatly exacerbate severe migraines. I get nerve block and trigger point injections which have helped the migraines. Also physical therapy can help on a daily basis to relieve some of the pain. And even Botox has also helped me. Of course you should also try a daily preventative migraine medication too. Good luck.

happybrandee 24 Nov 2012

Yes it sure can!! I know because I have the same problem, if you haven't already tried this, you may want to see if moist heat helps you, it helps me. I went out and bought a moist heating pad and it was well worth the money and I take less pain meds. free discount card

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