I started taking tramadol in 2010 for scoliosis pain, then retired at the end of the year. I stopped taking the 50 mg a day because being retired, I could rest my back whenever I needed to. Six months later when the summer weather meant lots of yard work, and more pain, I resumed it again. The 50 mg made me sick and gave me a migraine, so next time I took 1/2 pill, 25 mg, once a day. I did very well pain wise until May 2015, when I lifted something very heavy, and had to go to 50 mg once a day. Today, Feb., 2018, 75 mg don’t help the pain any more, and the Nurse Practitioner I see said they can’t authorize a higher dose, and I now have to see her every 30 days per the new law in Oregon. She also said tramadol increases pain over time! She referred me to physical therapy, which has a waiting list, so no help yet. The assistant Nurse Practitioner/student working with her that day told me to try taking tramadol with 650 mg Tylenol because they work together to help pain. This doesn’t help me and I fear kidney damage with this high a dose of Tylenol. I get withdrawal symptoms of sneezing, runny eyes and nose, mucus in my throat, sneezing that aborts in the middle of the sneeze, when I haven’t taken my 50 mg. I take it Morning about 7:30 and evening about 6 or 7. Tonight I will have to stand for an event, and I dread it. I’m so angry that my HMO doctor prescribed it in 2010, because I thought it was a safe solution to Scoliosis pain. I truly can’t get anything done in my day due to back pain, and feel so hopeless. I’m only 69, and feel like I’ll be in a chair for the rest of my life if the physical therapy doesn’t work. Acupuncture and yoga aren’t covered by Medicare.