I'm 72 years old and have been switched from levothroid to Armour thyroid because I was having trouble raising the dose to a better TSH' which is now 18. (I had a thyroidectomy 35 years ago for cancer. Parathyroids working OK.) As soon as I try to increase, even minimally, I get a lot of nerve pain. Well, I'm having the same problem with Armour. My point of tolerance seems to be 100mmg levo or 60mg Armour. I'm sleepy much of the time and my TSH is too high. I try to increase by 3.75mg, splitting a 15mg with a razor blade. I take Norco for a back problem. I'm wondering if I increase the pain killer to where I can tolerate the thyroid increase, would my body adjust to the higher dose over time? How long? Or, am I just doomed to being sleepy the rest of my life? doctor will help me try whatever I think might help because he says his "bag of tricks" is empty. Thank you for any help you can give me