Im 29 years old. Male. I was standing straight up in a normal standing position and all of a sudden i felt like I got kicked in my testicles (the pain was at a full 10 and I almost fell to my knees) and then less than a min later my lower abdomen, right above and to the right of my penis, started hurting really bad too (about an 8) I went to pee and afterwards I still felt like I might need to pee more but I couldnt, and after a few seconds the feeling went away and I no longer felt like I had to pee and all the pain in my abdomen and testicles went completely away. I turned, walked about 4-5 steps and the pain in my testicles and abdomen came back at about a 8 pain level. When I am setting down, I have almost no pain at all. When I start to stand up or I bent over and try to stand back upright the pain is a full 10. Very extreme. Then it subsides a little to about a 6-7 and it has stayed at a 6-7 for the past 1½ hours, maybe 2 hours. I have no idea what it could be or why it could have happened all of a sudden like that. A friend said hernia? But I haven't done anything to cause one. Please help me to figure out what it might be and if it is to the point that I need to go to the hospital. I despise hospitals and don't go unless it is a dire emergency.