I also have lupus which can be very painful and debilitating at times. I have bet the cancer (woohoo!!! :) ) now my oncologist said that I would have to have my rheumatologist write my pain meds because its no longer caused by the cancer. Well he had no problem doing so but changed it from 10's to 5's which most days is fine. But on some days I find myself having to take 2 to relieve the pain. I am afraid that when I have to see him in a few days that he may want to see my bottle and according to his prescription that I will be short a few due to me having to take more on my bad days. I do not want him to stop writing them because I seriously need them. What should I tell him if he counts my pills?? I had to sign a pain management contract stating I have to bring my bottle in when I come to the office and that he has the right to count my meds. Should I go ahead and say something before he counts them? Or should I explain why I'm short after he does if he counts them?? I'm really worried..