After suffering the horrors of "pain clinics" I actually found one that is based out of a hospital and it is great. Been a patient there for almost a year now. However, I have noticed a trend and I want to know if any of you have noticed it as well. I requested to be switched to Fentanyl patch due to my inability to keep my Oxycontin down (I have chronic pain due to a surgical blunder during a pancreatic procedure and suffer nausea as well as pain) My doctor had no problem switching me. However, and this is the trend I am seeing... if the Fentanyl doesn't work or I have any problems with it, the only alternative being offered is an implanted pain pump. Of all the people I know with chronic pain, they are all being encouraged to get a pain pump. I am not comfortable with this as an option at this point in my life. Anyone else out there seeing this being the only other option offered? Please let me know.