Hello ladies and Gents, bare with me this is my first time on here... but here's my question and thenI will give a lil information of why I'm asking. Does anyone know the round about duration of pain relief of a 50mg tablet of nucynta for a 200lb 6ft 1in male? I have had 5 different surgeries done on my left hip and femur due to a degenerative bone disease that turned both hip and femur into peanut brittle, my hip,hip socket,and femur all the way down to the top of my knee is completely titanium ... now you would think that this would lessen the pain but in truth it was just the opposite. I been offered this medication by my Dr. but I'm scared Imight just be wasting my money and time again!!! If anyone has any information on this subject please respond, any information would help. Thank you for your time:)