I have been having strange discomforting feelings in my stomach for the past 10 days give or take. To be specific, its not, until now, a few days ago the discomfort was randomly all over my stomach area but now it has localized to the right hand quadrant but is moving around there not fixed, I've been to the my local GP (Doctors) and we had a chat and he came to the conclusion without a doubt it is IBS. This may be true because I've been dealing with anxiety and depression for the past two years and I've recently came off fluoxetine in a two week period and the doctors recommendation was to go back on it to decrease the anxiety and stress. Although I'm still not at ease, I have this fear that my appendix will go bust or something, even just typing it or thinking it makes me churn I just want opinions from multiple sources. I'm also of thinking of getting my stomach ultra-sounded.
Few more details- I am warm but my temperature is normal between 35-36,5 degrees Celsius.
In the past six months I've woken up early in the morning with a warm sensation in my stomach and have relieved myself by pooping, this has happened 5 times, twice over the last 2 weeks
The skin is sensitive all over my right hand side including my upper body
I feel nauseous (anxiety?)
It is bearable but I cannot sleep due to it
I've had pains above the top right of my belly button and on my right hip bone
My lower right quadrant of my back is sore/discomforting
Thanks in advance