28 year old male, april 2009-left inguinal hernia repair, open procedure using 5 mesh and 2 plugs. I have had severe pain for more than a year after the first repair when i went to Penn Hernia Institute in P.A. and had an open groin exploration (May 2011) to remove the old repair and implant open nerves into stomach tissue. To this day i still experience severe, disabiling pain just under my left navel which radiates from the left inguinal region all the way to my left testicle. I have been to doctors, specialists, and surgeons but noone can seem to help my pain. I am currently seeing a pain management specialist who prescribes me oxycodone 30mg and IBU 800mg and find little to no relief. I cannot work, move the wrong way,play with my 5 year old daughter, or even make love to my wife of 5 months. My life is comppletely destroyed. All im looking for is the pain to be somewhat tolerable so i can work to support my family and live a normal life. I cannot even get relief by laying down as it keeps me up every night. Can anyone please help me. I now have a right side inguinal hernia that im so scared of getting surgury to repair. Can anyone please help me PLEASE?