I have fractures from ostioporosus and bulging and herniated disks, three screws in my hip, pain up and down my spine. Not to mention many other illnesses. Anyway I get really bad pain in my lower back that goes down my legs into my toes every once in awhile. Lately it has gotton more often. The pain is so bad I want to go to the ER, but I know they will only give me a shot of pain med. I take 4mg of dilaudid every 4hrs PRN. It has been 2 years I've been on it, and it works good until I have these lil episodes. I then take 8 mg and still nothing for at least an hour. Now I can't keep going to the ER everytime this happens, My orthapedic surgen is having me get a MRI of my whole spine he says he is worried, not something you want to hear from a Dr. So does anyone know of something that will work faster on my pain?? I see my pain specialest on Monday. Thanks.