... suffering from a very painful rare skin condition for 12 years now. Three years ago my doctor put me on lortabs for pain and they worked however my condition got worse along with the pain and surgery was needed on my groin to prevent me from being bed ridden for the rest of my life. Was on lotabs after surgery but it was such a relief to have all the infected glands gone that I didnt need to be on it for long. Well last year it came back in my left arm pit. At first it wasn't bad but got worse really fast.My skin doctor put me on lortabs again and would up the dose as it got worse. I knew it was highly addictive so did not take them everyday but It got to the point I could hardly do anything with my left arm and surgery was needed. Less then a month ago my surgeon ,who did my last surgery, operated on me agian. He took off my skin, the infections and glands. He also did the same thing to the right armpit as a preventive. He removed skin from both legs for skin graphs. This time around the after surgery pain has been worse then the first surgery pain. So the surgeon gave me a 5 day script for lortabs butI was still in pain afterwards. I asked for another script. This is where he started making me feel guily about still being in pain. He compared my surgery to the last surgery and that I did so well with that surgery so why not this one?? He also treated me like an addict for being on it even before my surgery. Just made me feel so bad. The pain in my right arm increased and he couldnt undertand it because all the graphs took. The nurse was very symathetic and told me because my left arm was cut so deep that the nerves were damaged and wasnt like that in my right arm. Last week was my last appointment with my surgeon and told him the pain wasnt going away. I was getting maybe 2-3 hours relief then pain agian. Also started taking more things like ibprophin to cut down on the lortabs. Told him this and asked if my dosage could be uped to tens so I could have a stronger dose and would take less of them. He was not for that but gave me another script for 7.5s for another 5 days!! He also told me to start moving more which caused me more pain especially this weekend. Basically my arm pits are RAW MEAT!! Then on early Monday morning my son had a seizure and had to be taken to the hospital. Very stressful and a hard, tough night. Not to mention when he came out of the seziure he was kicking us and ended up kicking me everywhere including my shoulders and legs. Needless to say in so much pain due to the high emotion and the kicks. I had hardly any lortabs left and to be honest afraid to call my surgeon. So I decided to call my skin doctor who still going to be treating me and left a message for the nurse. Needless to say nothing was prescribed and I was in intense pain. My pain level yesterday afternoon was at a 10. I was crying because I was in so much pain. I kept calling my skin doctor but never got a call back and nothing was called in. Finally I called my surgeon's office and was informed that they were all in surgery and not even the nurse was there so I continued to try to contact my skin doctor. Finally in so much pain I called and refused to get off the phone until I talked to the nurse. The nurse finally came on and had my surgeon's receptionist on the other phone. She said that my skin doctor felt that my surgeon should prescribe the meds for my surgery which I understood. She said that the recepionist for my surgeon said that she would make sure that I would get my pain meds. Well this morning still without pain meds, I called my surgeon. The receptionist said that he refused this morning to refill it and is sending me to a pain management doctor. I understand this may be a very good thing but I feel I have been treated like a child. The receptionist said she would let me know when my appointment was with this new doctor. Well by 4:30 I still havent heard. So I called back and they said they still did not have an appoinmtment for me. This caused me major anxiety which made my pain worse again. I told her I didn't have anything while I waited for this doctor. I was also now taking care of a sick child and soon going to have to start back to work which is going to be demanding as well. I asked to speak to the nurse, she refused to let me speak to her and told me that he wasn't going to refill my prescription at all in not a nice tone. I asked her if he could at least give me a lower dose while I waited. I was rudely told no again. It is now after 10 pm and have no idea when I will see this pain medicine doctor. I have been taking over the counter meds to help with the pain but only lasts a short time. I have been suffering from this for 12 years. I know my body and should be able to have a say in my management. I'm I wrong? I kinda wonder if I am being punished because this time around I didnt go through him. My questions are: do I have a right to be upset with this surgeon for thinking I shouldnt be in pain anymore. Friends still look at my arm pits and cringe!!! Second question should I contact my skin doctor to let him know that I wasn't helped. Third and last: If my surgeon refers me to this other doctor is this other doctor going to believe my surgeon if he has said anything misleading.I do also want to end this by saying I do not feel I am addicted. It is very real pain I am feeling!! Thank you to those who answer. Sorry for being so long winded