My boyfriend and I had protected sex (condom and cervical cap), but the condom broke and we found out after he ejaculated inside of me. Immediately after we got Plan B, and 3-4 days after I had heavy bleeding for a week. It's been 6 weeks after that, and I haven't gotten my period again. I'm usually very irregular too and I am experiencing sore, tender breasts for a week now (usually happens before my period), but also just recently a jabbing pain in my pelvic region (mostly on the left side). The pain has subsided to a bit of a dull ache for now.

I have not experienced any nausea, dizziness, change in diet nor weight. I am not pregnant right? I've been worrying for a while now and I can't go see a doctor without my parents finding out. I'm 20, but they're very conservative and very strict. I'm also afraid of taking a hpt and having them find it.

Please help, I'm genuinely worried and scared.