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I have pain in parts of my body they say its arthritic , not getting better?

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the_profiler 28 Jul 2013

Your question was not real clear so I will tell you a little about what I know. I have problems with arthritis. I do not have problems with a systemic arthritis or arthritis throughout my body which requires medication that works on auto immune diseases. But if your are referring to arthritis like in your shoulder or in your back, I can relate to that. This is what they are doing in my case. First, and I am sure you have done this, you need to go to the doctor and they will x-ray that part of the body and they will look for spurs and lack of spacing between joints. They they will put you on medicine. They may just start you off on Ibuprofen up to 600 mg to 800 mg every 8 hours. This may or may not help. There are a number of other anti-inflamatorries out there. The problem that I have found with them is that they are hard on your kidneys over time. They are also not very good on your heart. So you would want to get by on as little of them as possible. If you are having a really bad bout of pain from the arthritis which happens to me like 3 to 4 times a year where it gets to be unbearable, they will put me on a course of prednisone. If the arthritis is in a joint like a back disc space or shoulder, they can inject a series of shots that contain steroids that really can help but vary from person to person and from time to time. I hope this information helps.

MacIntosh12 29 Jul 2013

Hi stippett57,
Were you diagnosed with Rheumatoid or Osteo-arthritis? If tis osteo - which just means "bone", it won't get better unless you take medication for it and you need to keep moving, staying inactive is one of the worst things you can do for ANY type of arthritis, unless your doctor has told you to rest, of course.

I began having osteoarthritis in my 20's, which has just progressed and gotten worse over time. Have you had an MRI of the places you hurt? That's how doctors determine how had it is and where to go from there.
There certainly are many treatments, medication wise, to help you deal with the pain.

Please add more information to your question, if you feel so inclined, that will better help us to answer your query.
Best wishes to you,
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