On 12/22/14, I had left inguinal laproscopic hernia repair with mesh. Recovery was quick. Only issue was for three weeks, left leg was numb and unable to lift leg high enough to get in or out of car and to climb steps. Back to work at one week. Now at two months post op, lots of problems. On 2/18/15, after emptying bladder, I had major stabbing pain in area of repair. Pain so bad that I could not stand up past a 90 degree angle. And no weight bearing on left leg. Pain lasted about 5-10 minutes and eased if I put pressure on the hernia area. This happens every day, every time I empty my bladder. Starting 8 days later, pain is not just after bladder empties. It is all the time. It is making my job miserable. I am very active in my job and regularly lift and throw 3 ton of product throughout my shift. Very difficult to do when you can't stand up straight. My GP doc said to put up with it for 6 months and if it still hurts, we will discuss again. Should I contact my surgeon since this sounds like a strange treatment plan? Is there a chance something is wrong with the mesh? Is there a chance of infection? I now hurt all over my body. Muscles and joint pain. Also running low grade fever. I am 44 year old woman weighing 145 pounds and 5' 1". I am not tiny but not huge. My job is strenuous and we are about to get busier. More lifting and twisting and needing to be 100%. What should I do?