I have herniated discs and spinal stenosis and was already on 10 mg of Perc and Valium 2x daily with very little to no pain relief, but when she added the MSContin ER tabs she changed my scrip for Percs to 7.5 3x daily and 10 mg Valium 3x daily. Ever since I started the MSContin I have noticed extreme edema in my legs and ankles. Has anyone else had this problem with MSContin and is it something to worry about? I already have Hep C but my viral load is so low it can't even be typed and I have no liver damage according to my Infectious Diseases doctor, but I sure don't need to worry about my liver or for that matter my kidneys either. Would love to hear from someone else who has experienced this type of edema. By the way, my pain has been helped greatly with the addition of the morphine.