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Pain - morhine sulfate er any good?

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midwestma 25 Aug 2010

All I can add is that I take morphine ER called "Kadian", and it has helped me tremendously, although I still need Percocet for breakthrough pain, and I take 7.5 mg/325 every four to six hours as needed for breakthough pain. Give it a try, it can and does help many people, each of us is different though, and you may have to give it a while to work so don't be too quick to give up on the med. I wish you luck, and god bless, I hope you get some relief soon my friend, no one should have to suffer in pain. Good Luck.

christineATU 25 Aug 2010

I agree with midwestma. If you're referring to MS Contin, it is a good pain medication if prescribed at the right dosage. As midwestma said, she also has a medication for breakthrough pain. This is normally the combination for chronic pain sufferers. A good extended release pain medication along with one for breakthrough pain (or as needed) Good luck on getting your pain under control. There is nothing worse than chronic, debilitating pain.
My best wishes,

subzero58 25 Aug 2010

hi nuche,i was on kadian 200mg am and 200mg pm that was the strongest dose alpha-pharm made and even when i was taking that much my body adjusted to it in a few months.i too needed extra med for breakthrough pain.i could not sleep or eat when i was taking it.I remember thinking omg if i tell my doc its not working anymore he is gonna think i just want more drugs.i went to detox and was started on suboxone 24mg a day and they work just about the same.only differents is one sub i can eat and sleep.we all are different so give it a try and see what happens. p.s. kadian is very expensive.for 60 of them it cost me at first $922.00 make sure your insurance is going to pay for it.if not ask for methadone,it is way less expensive and you can keep going up when you build a tolerance to your dose...

midwestma 27 Aug 2010

subzero58, I a surprised at the amount of kadian they had you on, not judging, I'm just amazed. The Kadain I take is 50 mg three times daily with he 7.5mg/325 for the breakthrough pain, right now they have me on two of the 7.5/35 since I was diagnosed with the metacarel tumor and pahological tumor, i tke the two perocet every six hour in between the Kadian as the pain has become intolerable. To add to that , last nite I ended up at the ER last night, they thought I was having a small stroke, I lost all the feeling on my left side of my body, I couldn't even feel my foot. So I was pretty upset and scared to say the least. I see a neorsergeon in September, I am not at all happy about all tis nonsense. I just want to live a normal life, whatever that is? Well enough about me, good luck to you my friend, I hope all goes wll with you also. free discount card

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