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What could cause pain in mid back area?

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Inactive 14 Mar 2013

Hello american dad. I am not a doctor. purely a guess, perhaps a nerve, pinched? Regards pledge

DzooBaby 15 Mar 2013

If it is the spinal area pledge is right, could be a number of things. If it is in the flank area under your rib area, it could be kidney related, like an infection. You should consult your Dr for a diagnosis. If you have flank pain and develop a fever, go be seen in ER or Urgent Care.

mhelcl 15 Mar 2013

Back pain is not enough information for anyone to diagnose what is causing it. Back pain can be a complex issue. Can you provide more information? How severe is the pain? Is the pain constant or intermittent? What makes the pain better? What makes the pain worse? Does the pain ever go away? Are you taking any medication now to alleviate the pain? If yes what type and are they effective ? Have you tired anything else besides medication to help with the pain? Do you have any stressors in your life at the moment? Do you have any other medical conditions? Are you taking any other medications? Have you had any diagnostics done thus far ? free discount card

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