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Is it ok to take I've pain meds orally?

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balbanese 3 Jul 2012

Huh? Um, yes, if they're pills and they're prescribed.

kaismama 3 Jul 2012

There are a few things I need to know before I or anyone can give you a reasonable answer. Take what? What pain do you have and why?

Buddy1971 3 Jul 2012

If what you meant to say is it o.k to take I.V pain meds orally I can't think of any reason why you couldn't,why you would if it's prescribed to be taken I.V you would want to take it orally doesn't make sense because it would not be as effective if taken orally,but I wouldn't worry about anything bad happening. I would call a pharmacy & get there opinion first just in case. Good luck.

Lisa01 4 Jul 2012

If you are in fact asking about taking IV medication orally, then no, I wouldn't do that without a doctor's supervision. Some IV medicines can be taken orally and some can't. IV medications are usually administered in a drip form, so knowing how much of the medication to take at one time would be paramount in not accidentally overdosing. So it's a really risky way to take your medication without your doctor's instructions


HeadStarter 4 Jul 2012

No it isn't but why would you be asking about an IV med that you couldn't give yourself any way??? IV or intravenous is slow and in a drip... you can get a nasty, adverse reaction like paralyzing your throat depending on what the med is. I don't know how you got a hold of a script for an IV med??? The only meds I have ever gotten via IV I had to go to the hospital where they were administered. My insurance didn't allow for an IV team to come to my house, for instance. Is this a curiosity question to see if there are others ways to get the medication because of the inconvenience of the I.V???

A little more information would be so helpful in answering this seemingly simple question. It isn't though... so simple I mean...


endlessPred 4 Jul 2012

That is correct. Also, meds metabolize in the stomach differently than in the blood. Nothing like throwing it all up. But that would be good since you would be overdosing by drinking it... Prescriptions are written for a reason. Please follow the directions. And, no, never take liquid morphine and such orally. I doubt you would live long enough to get help...

HeadStarter 4 Jul 2012

Hi Endless -

Just the thought of taking it orally is making me gag! YUCK, YUCK AND YUCK! BLAH... Okay, enough of that and have a good evening, too! I thumbed you UP, too... also good response.


endlessPred 4 Jul 2012

Thanks. Reality can be tough sometimes. lol. Have a great fourth!

Inactive 4 Jul 2012

If you are asking IV drugs orally the answer is a great big NO! free discount card

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