... I have had some good pain doctors in the past, but the one I have now doesn't seem to know what he is doing. For one reason or another it seems the pain doctors just decided to stop pain management and go into another area of practice. Since the law changed last year requiring that a new prescription be written for schedule 2 drugs, I had to find a pain doctor closer to home. Each year this doctor has decreased my medication and put me in withdrawal. One week ago he decreased my pain meds and once again put me in withdrawal. I was taking 100 mcq fentanyl changing the patch every 48 hrs with breakthrough oxycodone taking 1, 15 mg every 8 hrs. This doctor reduced me to taking oxycontin 20 mgs., 1 every 12 hrs and keeping the oxycodone 15 mg 1 every 8 hrs. I went into withdrawal and went back to the doctor and he increased it to oxycontin 30 mg. every 8 hrs. and the oxycodone for breakthrough no change. This was a little better, but my insurance (Medicare Part D) refused to pay for it and had to borrow a credit card to charge the cost of the oxycontin was almost $600. The doctor's office destroyed the 20 mg. oxycontin so I had no choice. Now the insurance company has changed and will not pay for more than 60 tabs for 30 days. There are not many pain clinics in my area or I would surely change. They told me they needed to take me off the fentanyl due to so many deaths from people dying in their sleep and the doctor is afraid of losing his license. Is anyone else experiencing trouble with their pain doctors being in fear of losing their license for prescribing 100 mcq fentanyl?