... I found one very near me that had an appointment today, but they don't take Medicare. None of them seem to take Medicare, according to my research. I have both spinal and headache (including migraine) issues. I just moved here and am having trouble finding a doctor. My previous one was prescribing Oxycodone, which worked well in conjunction with acupuncture, yoga, Pilates and chiropractic care. The medication is a necessary part of this regime, so, as sympathetic as I am to doctor's DEA issues, I don't want any bull about not prescribing it. A few weeks ago my pain was so bad I went to Urgent Care. I told the doctor what I had been taking, and that I'd been out of it for a while, but he said he doesn't prescribe "narcotics" and wrote a prescription for Fiorcet instead. That helped, but also put me to sleep, and it's not practical to sleep all day when the pain is debilitating. Oxycodone and hydrocodone have both worked well for me with no side effects. If anyone can refer me to a doctor in Cincinnati, I would be most grateful. I need one who takes Medicare or at least could work with me on a payment plan. Thank you!