I broke my wrist on April 6th. I was in a cast for 1 month and it was then determined that I needed surgery. I had a plate, screws, and pins implanted. I have an external fixation with 6 pins. I am currently prescribed Oxycodone 15mgs every 4 hours and MS Contin 10 mgs every 8 hours. I am due to have the fixation removed in 1 week, and start PT this week. How long are you typically on pain medication with this type of procedure/process? When it's removed does the Dr usually discontinue the meds? Or will they still provide meds throughout the PT? I'm still is chronic pain!!

Also, my insurance overrides my Drs prescribed amount and, I run out of pain meds too soon. I am taking as prescribed. The prescribed meds cover 10 days. For example, My insurance overrides the dose and states they only cover 6 pills a day disregarding my Dr writing up to 12. Is there away around this? I run out and have to wait 6/7 days before I can get my medication again. Dr says insurance companies do this ALL of the time??