In past I managed pain with 400 to 600 Ibuprofen. Then After taking Exemestane 25mg for MBC (metastatic breast cancer) I started having pain in my Hips, Pain and weakness in my Arm that would not go away. One day I would wake up no pain and the next the pain was back… I found out I have Bone and Liver Mets. I began radiation on my Arm and will begin additional treatment for Liver soon. My Liver Mets is suspected to be Breast cancer too. Since then we have been trying to manage the pain. I started by taking 7.5MG Oxycodone / 500 Acetaminophen - I thru up and was miserable for the entire day with a raging headache… regained my composure and tried again with food. Was still quite sick… My Radiation Oncology Nurse dropped me down to 5-325. Still sick and reduced to 1/2 a pill to work myself up again and still sick, brain felt like it was melting. Switched to Tramadol 50MG that got me through a few days then started to make me sick. Talked to my Radiation Oncology Nurse for something else, and she gave me Hydrocodone / Acetaminphen 5-325. Which was ok. I asked to get the Acetaminophen out of the equation because of my recent Liver situation. Now I am told that because I take Bupropion XL 300 I can't have the straight Hydrocodone. But which I find funny I can have it with Acetaminphen, and I can have Ocycodone alone but it makes me sick. I always thought it was the Acetaminphen that makes you sick but it is the opiod that makes you more sick. ***Question*** now I got all these pills -- I have taken the straight Oxycodone 5MG for two days and only 3 times. If I try to take more it makes me sick. Do you think I can switch to Tramadol ? without harm or add it… ? I had a biopsy yesterday and I got Fentinal prior to the procedure… that was the best I felt in days… ?