Hello so a background of my problem is I am active duty military Navy, in the last 3 years of service i was subjected to punishment to my back from riggerous hikes for 15+ miles at a time with 100+ lbs load bearing, and loading/unloading trucks for field ops with 100+lb cans of equpment. I have developed inflammatory problems of my lower back with the combination of over time degenerative disc. I am in constant pain throughtout the day about a 5/10 with spikes at night after a day's work at about 8/10. Im currently on 5/325 norco and tizanidine muscle relaxer. I've been taking both for "breakthrough pain for about a month. I have absolutely no relief during my time of intense pain but some not complete relief when the pain is just moderate. My predicament is I'm worried asking for an upped does would put a profile on me being in the Navy as a drug seeker. I am in a pain mngmt clinic outside of base or active duty care. Should i adress this to a doctor or maybe ask for a different kind of drug? I'm lost here and being in pain at all times even periods throughout the night has me at a loss and im just not myself. HELP!