I was dismissed from my last pain management md, pretty much for no reason. I had been going to him for the last 6+ years. I have been in compliance with my meds, although poorly controlled. He always made it clear that didn't like me much and his notes reflected that he didn't believe me either. I tried to change mds just before my last surgery. But that one wouldn't take me unless I cancelled my surgery (2 weeks before it was scheduled). Since I have workers comp and getting approval for my surgeries in the past have been long ordeals, even though they knew they would have to approve them eventually. The first was for a six level fusion, the second was because my rods came loose, by the time they approved that one, I had fused at a ninety degree angle, yes that is bent all the way over. This last time I had somehow clipped a vertebrae at my uppermost level wic was a posterior fusion and self-fused in the front at an angle, wic was preventing me from being able to stand up straight. Wen they went in it ended up being a 16 hour surgery. And fusing another 7 or 8 levels. Anyways my last pain meds doc said I was recovering too slowly. He had told me to decide with med I would be willing to go down on att m next appointment. However, at the next appointment he asked about the non-narcotic meds. Then handed me a letter and said he was dismissing me. I have been looking for a new doc, but have not been able to find one who will take me so far. If anyone out there can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you