Hi every one i have had many Opp,s
half my Bowel taken out left me with edhesions Malabsobsion Syndrome
4 Disc,s out from my Back done by a Bad Surgen
3 Foot of Gang Green intestine out, Iluim out
4Adhesion Opperations
2Lot,s of Nuroe Surgery
Bowel Resection now im Full of Adhesions and have CRONIC PAIN 24/7 I take all these Med,s
100x2Ms Contin
2x 30 Mg Oxy Codone
75 Mic Gram Fenty Patch Only used when Tablet stop working or Pain get to High
3x5Mg Valium a Day
I allso have a Malabsobion Syndrome and need Vit B/12 iNJ Once a Month
9X Gm,s Questran Lite for bad Dirrea
What can i Use for Break Out Pain the Pain is getting to Strong what else i Use all helpi would be Most Greatfull i am Under a Pain Clinic i Dont Abuse any of my Med,s .
I just had my Gall Bladder taken out the old way due to stomach Adhesions Help Please ??