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How do pain manegment doctors treat fybromyalgia?

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Inactive 25 Aug 2013

Dear painismymiddlename - I see a pain doc for Fibro, and a few other things. He actually diagnosed me with Fibro after I was a patient of his. Lyric is a popular med and Neurontin (Generic - Gabapentin) I first tried Lyrica, but after 5 days my face & lips were swollen huge. Had pharmacist tell me stop it immediately. But I have also heard good things about it. I am currently on Gabapentin 1200 mg a day. Its really hard to tell if it is working or not because of other medical problems. Anyway that is where I come from in giving you an answer to question: In my experience with Fibro, 8yrs, and from what I have read on here, it seems most are going to start with this type of drug. If one doesn't work, the next they will want to try another in same group. There are 4 or 5 that are widely used, and others like it that doctors may try. Pain meds are sometimes added, depending on situation. A lot of people who seek help for Fibro, are also dealing with other medical problems and taking pain meds for that. Wish I could make it sound like a wonderful experience, but, its not. It is constantly trying something new tilll you find the one that works for you. Goo luck, hon, Be well as can be

Emeraldgirl 25 Aug 2013

Hello Painismymiddlename and a warm welcome to DC

Chellekay explained the role of pain Dr very well. You have not stated how long you have had Fibromyalgia. The only other thing that I would add is that they may refer you for cognative behaviour therapy or to a group pain management self help course. However I think that these treatment options are more commonly used in the UK.

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