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Why did pain management take a photo of me?

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Nunwithgun 18 Feb 2017

I'm guessing its between 2 reasons.
1. They want a before and after photo. Find another clinic.
2. They want to see if you are double dipping or a frequent flyer looking for drugs.

Nunwithgun 20 Feb 2017

That's not what my profile and stats say.

Windchimes123 18 Feb 2017

Hi Holt,
I think it's to make sure you are the person at the appointment.
They may have different doctors seeing you for the first time.

Holt2016 18 Feb 2017

Yes I'm seeing different doctors

Holt2016 18 Feb 2017

Yes I'm seeing different doctors

Lisa01 19 Feb 2017

It's part of your narcotics contract. If you have to go in to office to pick up your prescription between appts, they can make sure it's really you picking it up. They'll look at your picture on file and then ask to see your drivers license to verify. If you ever think that for any reason someone else may have to pick up your prescription, you need to have that approved by your Dr before it ever happens. You'll need to have a very good reason on why you can't pick it up yourself before you'll get approval for that to happen.

chuck1957 20 Feb 2017

Holt2016; Don't worry about it Just another way of ID that it is you at the appointment many times these clinics have many different doctors and if they can't put the right ID with the right patient the doctor won't write you the pain meds you are using. It's getting tough as hell even for us legit one.I figure it's no worse than showing a picture ID every time I go into my primary.

Inactive 24 Feb 2017

I don't think it's unusual. Every hospital trip I've made in the past five years has involved photos, even videos. One photo could be retrieved from the barcode on my wrist. I suspect it's for higher level of care.

The only one that troubled me was when I was very euphoric from a lot of Dilaudid, and they filmed me 'Talking to Dilaudid'. So I may not get Dilaudid in the hospital again, or maybe they'll just use it to recognize when I'm tripping out, to have a reference point, who knows.

MeggieGirl 25 Feb 2017

I think it's so they know who they're talking to when they pull up your file, call in a refill, etc. They may not remember a name, but they'll remember a relationship by a face. My primary care doctor has my photo, too.

ChrisMDe 25 Feb 2017

Nothing to freak out about. It's simply for identification purposes when/if you pick a prescription up. My pain clinic and primary care physician implemented this over 10 years ago. It's also another way for a doctor to put a face to a name. There's nothing sinister behind it, although I can understand why you would be concerned given the current climate. free discount card

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