I have a spinal cord tumor growing inside of my spine between my nerve rootlets at the L2-L3 (it clearly is displacing and impinging on the nerves in my spine. The neurosurgeon also said it may be causing some hemorrhaging in my spine. My pain gets very intense, I have been on gabapentin, muscle relaxers ect and they do nothing. I have done months and months of physical therapy. Nothing relieves my pain, not laying, standing, sitting or ect. The only medication that has helped is Percocet and I do not like taking much of it. However, I do use it for breakthrough pain mostly at night. Its very hard for me to get a prescription for Percocet, pain management is putting me on Lyrica and I feel that it will be just like gabapentin which made me feel horrible (I couldn't even drive with it). Does anybody have any experience with spinal cord tumors and what can be done to control the debilitating pain. This has been going on for 3 years now, I have only had 4 prescriptions for 20 Percocet for those 3 years. This tumor is no joke, the pain and pressure becomes unbearable. I want surgery but the surgeon believes its too risky at this point, once I am out of the Military I plan on going to Johns Hopkins to see an experienced nuero-oncologist who believes the tumor is the cause for my issues. The military is medically retiring me because I am unable to do my job due to the pain. I am only 28! :(. Also, what can I do to ensure that I get a low dose Percocet prescription, my MRIs show the tumor is real and the ER trips state spinal cord compression and nerve impingement. I don't know what else I need to do to prove to these doctors to get the proper help. I have been real good with only taking it for my severe pain days, the proof is in my medical records.

As always thank you all for your help.