What I meant Was I had surgery on my hand 2 mounts ago 2 pin into my 5th metacarpal,was unable to use hand rat all until the cast was off.i was in very bad pain due to my job,running heavy equipment and only had 1 week off from work..not its June and my hand is still in pain.i was put in Norco 10/325 first. my stomach did not take the aspirin in them good at all next I was given codeine 30/300 also no go due to the aspirin so my dr bummed me to oxy 5/325 worked great but after a few days the aspirin killed my gut so I was switched to 5mg OxyContin and they worked great.i just want to know will I be able to go to pain management due to the type of meds I had to take and well they take me? Thank you Im new to pain management since this was my first big operation