Following covers close to a 9 year period and has been progressive. Currently have stenosis and bulging disks at all levels of lumbar spine and a total hip replacement. As a group, the hip replacement and the lumbar problems have created chronic nerve pain from just above waist to feet. Left leg is dominant, but both legs are affected. Have tried most of the nerve meds plus high doses of narcotics. Currently only taking a double dose of Codeine + Ibuprofen twice daily. Though I have had no conventional surgery, I have had multiple epidural injections, two neurostimulators implanted (neither worked beyond 20% improvement at best). Still trying walking as an exercise and light gardening though it's become very painful. Early on in this ordeal, suffered compressed root nerves in several areas at different times. No conventional surgery ever considered by neurosurgeons. Currently some of these nerve roots are being touched by discs but not compressed. Is destroying my marriage. Though wife tries to be understanding, tre are limits to what she can endure too. Refuse to use a wheel chair because of fear of more muscle atrophy. But do use a cane for short distances. Almost every day now I think of drifting off in a gentle sleep but not awaking. Any more ideas that are a bit more rational? Forgot to mention: Also have hereditary peripheral neuropathy. Neurologist believes my chronic pain is not being caused by this neuropathy.