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What if my pain in my legs for neuropathy, does not go away with medication?

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RaymondA 17 Jul 2013

What medication was prescribed? In my case, we went through four or five different types before we found something that gave me relief. We need more information.

endlessPred 17 Jul 2013

Gabapentin helps many. What do you think might happen? There is no cure for this but there are medications.

sara12345 17 Jul 2013

I read that Trigeminal Neuralgia, which I have, can come and go. But my neurologist told me that I would always need the medication to control it. And I just got it this past March on top of everything else. What a thing.

sara12345 17 Jul 2013

What I meant was, I think that you are right in spite of the literature.

MepoMom 17 Jul 2013

That is a question I have asked myself a million times. It's a scary and daunting thought... so you are very justified in asking it. I've had a neuropathy for about 7 years now. It's slowly gone from a slight numbness to complete numbness and extreme pain. I've found a neurologist that really cares and is willing to try different things to help. If one medication doesn't alleviate some of the pain - try something else. You may never be completely pain free, but you may find something that will help you to tolerate the pain. You're going to have bad days - days that you feel sorry for yourself. Allow yourself that, but then pick yourself up the next day and remember that it could be so much worse. Good luck!

kathyhanson 17 Jul 2013

What an insightful, caring and supportive answer! :)

Akocka 11 Sep 2013

I don't know what your doctor has you on but I suffered with severe nerve pain for almost 3 yrs. About 5 months ago my pain management doctor started me on Nucynta and it has been a God Send! Hang in there I thought I would never get better and so far so good. Nurse Nett free discount card

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