I am a 34 female and i have PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and my belly has actually grown large enough in the last 6 months that people actually think I'm pregnant. I have been on Percocet 10-325 for about 5 years. It has worked very well except the last few months. Even my monthly cycle's seem to be getting my intense (cramps, bloating... ). I have mentioned to my pain management doc that the pain is increasing but she hasn't asked me or said anything about changing my meds. My condition isn't like a normal pain. My problems are internal so they can't be treated with injections or stuff like that. We have tried. I'm just at a point where all I do is laying bed because I can't take the pain. (Have had to go to ER a few times because of the pain) I do go to work but I am constantly having to get up and move but not to much because the standing makes it worse. I have trouble playing with my young girls because all I can do is "rest". I am hoping someone can have a solution so I can get my normal life back.