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Pain - How do I get off fentenal patch?

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kimmie1 18 Feb 2010

Slowly... No really, get with your doctor and wean down. They should be able to help you do that or find another doctor. Good Luck...

Sacosam 9 Apr 2010

Kimmie 1 said it best and she's right. DOIT! Sacosam

bgeshel 7 Apr 2010

The way I did... completely "cold turkey"... spent a miserable three weeks!

Felt like I had bugs running over my body; couldn't sleep more than an hour at a time; and it's hard to describe, but my skin nerves were feeling like, a subdued version of "prickley heat"!

I suffer from severe neck and back pain... think of all the things that can be wrong with your spine, I have them... thanks to genetics.

Besides the patch, I was also on some other pain meds... stopped everything in one day! Do I regret it, NO! Do I recommend the way I did it... depends on your constitution/ability to take control of your mind.

I have learned to deal with the pain and block it out as much as possible.

When things get intolerable... that means "pretty freakin' bad!" I take Naproxen (500mg), and Methocarbamol (500mg). I'm supposed to take these one tablet of each every day... I only take them when I really have to.

Sacosam 9 Apr 2010

Yo! bgeshel; I know whereof and whatof you speak. My lot in life is a kind of forced discipline though. I was a 35 yr. drunk, got sober 5/12/89 with the help of A.A.
A couple years ago My Dr. [for 12 yrs.] had a botched shoulder operation,
and started using pain killers and going downhill. Two of his best nurses left him and he couldn't figure out why... so I told him, he lost it and spread that I was a recovered alcoholic all over the state. He knew of societys fear... "You give any alcoholic one drink or drug , and that alcoholic is "off to see the wizard"... which is 100% pure bullshit. I've got 21yrs. sober. Booze dosen't interest Me anymore , but in the last year I came down with a horribly painful form of Arthritis called "Polymyalgia Rheumatica, and I could use some help.
Three words, I quote you... "I BLAME ME" , and apologizing for 14 mos. let go of it BG, she's probably already forgotten about it, or is trying to anyway,
except that you keep reminding her. Who you really mad at guy? Sacosam

fall queen 9 Apr 2010

Wow Sacosam, I have a great new respect for you. How wonderful that you found the rooms of Bill W.! I believe with an open mind, and a willingness to share, one came climb high mouhtains and at the same time they are helping other people stay sober! See, I knew you had a "sweet" side. Fall Queen

subzero58 8 Apr 2010

hi 66,if your asking here, may i assume that who ever perscribs them does not know u are thinking of stopping. your gonna b sicker than u ever could imagine. you need to try a least for the first week.wish u all the luck in the world.

bgeshel 8 Apr 2010

I'm sorry, but your reply indicates the person hasn't the ability to gain control after the drugs... that's the lazy person's way out... rehab... FOR WHAT, a stupid decision that can be negated by simply quitting???

We all have within us the ability to overcome adversity...

Oh, I'm sorry... but you are so wrong... I SPEAK FROM EXPERIENCE!


christineATU 8 Apr 2010

Not everyone has balls of steel like you seem to have. Most people do need help getting off such a potent pain killer. Not only that, you jumped to conclusions about the original question. We are here to help people, not trash them for giving an opinion. I thought subzero's advice was good. People disagree all the time, no need to be nasty about it.

subzero58 8 Apr 2010

hi, u seem to have takin for granted that this person is healthy. in my experience most people who are on the patch are not all that willing to endur pain.would you be happier if they lay in bed at home possible having to take care of sure you hed help and a plan for detoxing.and for being able to do so i applaud your character. i would feel much better knowing that someone took my advice and got professional help. would you want the responsibility for someone developing complication from dealing with detoxing by themselves.we are not doctors and should not be dolling out life threatening advise.unless you are sure that this person is in good enough physical shape. and i would always give the same advise.if this was one of my family members,i would sleep better knowing that they are in capable hands. how about you? free discount card

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