So my symtoms started in May. My eyes started feeling really blury and I felt really "weird". I kinda blew it of and tried to convince myself that it was allergies, because I was outside all day and my ears were also congested. This eye thing went on for a really long time. I don't know how to describe it, but my eyes felt "weird" everyday. I went to the eye doctor, and nothing was wrong. All my life I have had anxiety, so I finally went to the doctor for it in July. I was put on Zoloft. The zoloft is working miracles for me! Then in about August, I started getting extreme pain in my joints every single day. It got to the point that I couldn't handle it at all. My guess was that I had Lyme disease. I went to the doctor and got blood tests. The lyme came back negative, but my ANA was elavated. My doctor was suspecting Lupus. I got sent to a Rhuematoligist a few months later, and had more blood work. The ANA was now in normal range, but a bunch of things weren't. The most elavated one was my platelet. It was 407, when the average is 182-340. We called the doctor and she said to not worry about it, but it's very high and with all this joint pain and headaches everyday, I don't know. Every day my knees hurt really bad. My right knee is constantly swollen, and has a lump in it that I'm not sure if its supposed to be there. I go to the orthopedic for that in a few weeks. Everyday my wrists hurt and lots of other joints. I'm physically tired a lot. My head hurts everyday, and my eyes are blurry. I have glasses but they get worse very quickly. My body always feels really weird. I know something is wrong, but no doctor can figure it out. I just want Answers.