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Can pain cause the heart to change its rythem. Could later cause CHF Congestive Heart Failure?

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Inactive 19 Aug 2016

I definitely experience irregular heart rates when my pain levels are up there.
Plus I have palpitations at the time so I feel every one of them.
I didn't have episodes of Atrial Fib but was caught accidentally when I had pain at MD office. I had to go to ER. I was aggravated because they didn't realize if you treat my pain adequately then I wouldn't be here!

Technically it could lead into CHF I imagine.
However, the doctors would probably pick it up and change your Meds to prevent it from getting that far.
CHF doesn't occur quickly.
You would have symptoms of shortness of breath first with talking. Then SOB with walking which would require intervention and change in Meds. In other words, you would feel fatigued,weak and SOB before permanent damage is done.
If you have a history of a heart attack, the above does not apply. It may come on more quickly because of present heart damage.
Feel better

Goldencore 20 Oct 2016

Hi Rayvon! I would be very interested in what you mean by "pain". I have been diagnosed with a lot of irregular electrical conductivity (arrhythmias) in my heart and have been suffering from chronic pain (over 12 years). It does interfere with my sleep & my doctor believes this might be the cause of my heart problems. free discount card

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