Not a question, obviously-but something that has given me so much relief that I just have to share it. Before my first surgery in 2004 I was a five to six work outs a week person ninety pounds lighter than I am now. I was in great shape, strong, active... then my back injury and a series of accidents surgeries, falls... Needless to say I thought I would never be working out again. Then, a year and a bit ago, I was having physical therapy after one of my knee surgeries and the PT put me in the water- and the light bulb went off. I joined the Y that I have lived three blocks from for 22 years and after just doing my PT there started taking water aerobics classes.

It is saving my life. In the water, there is no pain. Nothing presses on my knees, my back, my shoulders, my arms. It is heaven- and not only that, I am starting to have strength and muscles again for the first time in years. Before I started water aerobics if you said to me "hold your stomach muscles in" I would try but would feel nothing. Now that I sometimes do 300 (not a typo THREE HUNDRED) crunches in a class I am starting to have stomach muscles again, along with leg muscles, arm muscles, all of it! I never thought I could do a crunch ever again with my back problems but we can work everything in the water. The feeling that comes over me when I enter the water and start floating is so divine! The stress and pain ebb away.

I recommend it to anyone with any physical condition causing pain. The teachers know a lot about helping knees, backs, shoulders, etc. They work core, we do aerobic and strength- things I thought were just a memory . In our classes there are three rules-

1. Some is better than none
2. If it hurts, don't do it.
3. Have FUN

I take five classes a week and my life force is returning. One thing, as a user of the fentanyl patch I do have to sometimes use the transdermal covers so that my patch stays on but actually they hold quite well most of the time.

I post this because I want the same for YOU!