Hello I am writing this as some of you know my mother passed away this past Friday February 10 at 7:10 PM she had just been admitted to hospice care at noon and then I could see the signs with her Kidney failure and other complications that she was in the process of passing right before my eyes, about 6:50 PM Friday evening she became ill and she got into my arms and she was as peaceful as could be I could feel her body leaving, she knew I had a place and good church family and especially a particular family who has taken me into their home and I do truthfully feel at home. the funeral as Mary told you was yesterday the showing was from 11 a.m. to 1 pm then the funeral, I do mourn but I know full well she is in God''s hands he allowed me the privilage of helping her through various chapters of her life all the way up till age 94 one of her last wishes was to pass away here at home with me I cannot possibly think of a greater honor than to be able to take care of someone in the end them be on no medications and her mind was as clear as a bell! I will miss her terribly it is my intent when the time is right to return to this site and help in any and every way that I possibly can, I hope to try and honor her by living my life in a way that allows me with the physical challenges to be the very best I can be and to help others to do it in a way that keeps me going and as active as possible yet I allow myself to take care of myself to be the very best that I can possibly be! I am so appreciative of your kind thoughts, your prayers your well wishes just any and everything that made things the best that they could possibly be, I feel sure that anyone who has the honor of knowing drugs.com and the members of it is so very blessed in every way you can just sense the united thoughts and well wishes I will get the computer but it like many things takes time and I don't have it with me at all times I come home get the mail and some other things that need my attention but I do not drive and I try very hard not to detain someone else with obligations its a privilage to be able to have the kind acts but I believe with all my heart that it is an absolute that if I really appreciate the kindness of another person then I will make it on time its just the right thing to do. It can be done and I believe its one of those things that just shows how you feel about others and the respect that should be just as easy as falling off a log again I thank each and every one of you I would ask that you pass this along and that every person is aware of my deep sense of appreciation I thank you and I Love and respect each one of you Caringsonbj (Billy)